Corporate Dreaming



I am fascinated by human nature and the art of personal congruence. As an Active Dream Teacher, I assist businesses, organizations and private clients to tap into the power of their dreams. 

I believe in the ability to dream Well businesses into reality.  Community and employee Wellness is elevated when companies commit to a culture of Corporate Social Responsibility. 

Active Dream work  is a process of opening gateways to retrieve insight from night dreams, day dreams, synchronicity, imagination and visioning.

Active Dreaming can be used as a tool to assisst in the birth of a  Well organizations/ businesses by growing a culture that:

1. Places the employee as the most imporant asset of the company.

2. Honors the relationship with customers and clients.

3. Believes and invests in the betterment of it'ssurrounding community, becoming a steward of the land upon which it sits.

4. Embraces the concept that " All is in one, one is in all ". Placing equal importance on all aspects of business.

Here are some of the tools used in Active Dreaming:

1.  The Lightning Dream Work Process: Used to develop strategy, probelm solving and used to design Action plans. 

2. Meeting the business as its own " personality". Relating, engaging and coaching the compnay by using its " personality" in a third person experience.

3. The creation of Action Plans that support insights retrieved through the Lghtining Dream Work process.

4. Use of a customized Active Dreaming Wellness Wheel which gives feedback regarding the company's " personality" and its impact on employees and the culture. company.


Be Well,



Jennifer Foley


Director of Wellness

Merchandise Warehouse, Inc