Healing Inspiration

The Order


Jennifer Foley

Mosswood Hollow, Duvall Washington , September 2014

Setting: A roadside diner somewhere along route 66.

So I said to the Cosmic Waitress........

" I'd like to order up a Champion."

"Someone who is healthy and congruent, one who can hold space for me, who looks beyond the mundane, let's me navigate my life, has my back and yet lets me free fall with a net."

To which the waitress replied.....

"Ok Doll, we get a few of those requests around here....but first, in order for me to get your order right, these acknowledgements must be known within you:

  • Regognize that pain is created to make you alert.
  • Know that Dis-Ease thrives on procrastination and excuses.
  • Be mindful to focus on dissolving all of the obstacles in your life that separate you from the whole. And lastly, greet the phenomena of the chaotic that parades through your life with balance, hope and wisdom.

After a long pause and a deep breathe I spoke back to the Cosmic Waitress and said.....

" Well...that...is one tall order."

The Waitress grinned back at me and said.....

"Of course it is Doll, but for those who order up a Champion an inner calling is made for you to shift  your outer world by looking within." " As well as to leave me a nice tip."

I pondered what was needed from me to be able to place my order.  I looked down upon my menu and breathed into my body all that my order required and said.

" Well in that case I'll have..

"One Champion over easy with a side of bacon."