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What to expect during our Active Dreaming Retreats:

Within a sacred circle you will explore the world of dreams using the core techniques and practices of Active Dreaming developed by Robert Moss.  You will have opportunities to experience how dreams provide guidance for healing and life issues, coach for future situations, mend the divided self, and inspire creativity.  You will learn how dreams help us access other worlds, connect with the departed, spirit guides, and power animals.  You will share with others the magic of synchronicity in everyday life.  Topics will include kinds of dreams, the way we dream, catching/recording dreams and ways to bring the energy of dreams into waking life in practical ways.  Activities will include lucid journeys, dream re-entry/tracking, dream theater and dream creations.  Sips, nibbles, door prizes, and resource materials provided.

Here are  of the variety of retreats offered:

  • The Art of Activating your Dreams
  • Active Dreaming for Vision and Leadership
  • Transforming lives through Active Dreaming and Wellness
  • Active Dreaming for a purpose-full life....Basic practices for conscious living.
  • Active Dreaming for a purpose-full life...Finding your house of Sacred Gifts for Greater Service.
  • Active Dreaming for a purpose-ful life....Befriending death through lifes transitions.
  • Dreaming into the World Tree: Harvesting Visions for Soulful Service


Special Note: Robert Moss is an independent scholar, best selling author of a douzen books on dreaming translated into 22 languages, and founder of the School for Active Dreaming.  For more information go to